We are a Dominica based company dedicated to responding to the ever growing international demand for Dominica citizenship. Our personnel have years of experience in the citizenship by investment/second passport business. As a result we give to our clients an unsurpassable level of professionalism, efficiency and confidentiality obtained through our intimate knowledge of our product and the needs of our clients.


Why should I get a second passport?

The Cost

How much does it cost? Explore the Donation Option, Real Estate Option and our Recommended Real Estate Option


What do I need to provide?


What is the process?


 Include as many family members in an application as possible.

About Dominica

The Nature Isle

Why Choose Dominica's Citizenship Programme

The Dominica passport programme simply gives the best value for money:

Value for Money

It is the cheapest on the market

Visa Free Travel

The visa free entry benefits of the Dominica passport is similar to that of its competition

Fastest Processing Time

It’s processing time is faster than any other


The process is flexible; allowing for the special circumstances of the applicant

No Barriers

There is no language, interview or visiting requirements

Mutliple Dependants

It allows an applicant to include a wide range of his/her dependants.

No Exclusions

No nationality is excluded

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