Application Procedure


The application documents are prepared in consultation with us then they are submitted to us. We then do a final perusal before submitting them to the Citizenship Unit, first online, then a hard copy. At the time of submission, the processing and due diligence fees must be paid to the Unit. On receipt, the Unit examines the document and if they are in order, the due diligence checks are undertaken. This takes a few weeks. If the due diligence report is good the Unit requests payment of all outstanding amounts after which approval is granted.

Following Approval:

After approval the applicant takes the oath of allegiance, the certificate of citizenship is granted and the Dominica passport is applied for.

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How long does it take:

The application process takes about 2 to 3 months. In urgent cases however, we can work with the applicant and Government to shorten the time.


The application processing fee and due diligence fee are required to be paid to the Government at the time the application is submitted. The balance is payable after the Government has indicated that the application is in order. Thereafter the balance of the Government fees are paid. If the application is rejected, then the application, processing and due diligence fees are non refundable.